Program Basics

Applications and Submission Process

Potentional applicants are invited to participate in the program through a recommendation process. Family members can send an email to Trustees@PriceHome.Family with the details.

Applications are accepted each year as long as funds are available.

The downloadable Application gathers information on the applicant. It includes the basic who 
what, where, why details, along with provides an opportunity to get to know just who the application is. It provides an opportunity to share how the applicant has affected friends, family and the community.

The application also includes a reference paragraph that can be written by a extended family member, a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, friend or mentor.

Submissions will be prior to the start of the program of semester.
The sooner the better: as each year the award amount is limited and may be precommitted.
Requests will not be made after the program/semester has been completed.
You application will be reviewed by our Trustees and may require an optional interview.


The Gifts are supplemental funds for non-scholarship based expenses.

These Gifts are designed to extend opportunities for
Price/Polachek family member's educational process. 

This is a post-achievement Gift program were distributions are made after successful achievement of program.



Review Highlights

  • Rooted in the Price/Polachek family traditions
  • Resources from the Price/Polachek family
  • Family tree basis for qualified applicants
  • Legacy gifting
  • Reviewed by our Trustees who are Second and Third generenation family members