Being a family run program, Advocates are the lifeblood of the program. As Family Branch members, each advocate has the role of communication for their Family Branch.

As the advocate becomes aware of family achievements and goals, they can help open new doors by inviting qualified family members to apply.  As family members, Advocates are a valued resource for recommondations and can campaign for the applicant.




Who can join the program?

Any family member 18 or older. This includes children of the root family branches:

  • Anna & Stanley Price
  • Anna and John Polachek
  • Stella and Ted Stepniewski

If you are interested in becoming an Advocate contact us at this link: Becoming and Advocate


Become an Advocate:

Meet the Advocates:

We welcome family members from each generation and Family branch to participate in this unique program.
Contact us for more details at:  Support@PriceHome.Family

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